9/14/07: NACSA Alliance Event: CAAEN 2007 Annual Executive Panel Discussion

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You are invited to CAAEN 2007 Annual Executive Panel Discussion

Forefront of Globalism: Advantage of Multi-Cultural Leadership

Please register for the event using the following link: http://www.lingeasy.com/web/user/home/book_schedule/36

We are making caaen.org into a web community for CAAEN members to share information. Some features such as user registration and event registration are shared with lingeasy, the hosting platform for the caaen community.
To register, please follow these steps:
1. click on the registration link http://www.lingeasy.com/web/user/home/book_schedule/36
2. click on “sign up”
3. if you are not a registered user, click “create account”
fill in first name, last name, screen name, and email address (suggest you to use business email),
then click on “save”
4. use the temporary password displayed at the screen, to login
5. you will be asked to change your password. enter your new password twice and remember it.
6. in the open session, click on “forefront of globalism: advantage of multi-cultural leadership”
7. click on “sign up”
8. a message will be displayed indicating you successfully sign up for this class, click “return”
9. you will receive an email confirmation
10.use http://www.caaen.org to go back to the caaen website.
This event is hosted by PG&E. Please use the BealeStreet entrance at 245 Market for entry. We do not provide event parking. Please use the public parking nearby.
The event is free for the members of CAAEN organizations. It is $20 for non-CAAEN members. We will collect the payment on-site before the event.

Feel free post your questions in advance to the discussion forum
http://www.lingeasy.com/web/caaen/forum … egory/4847

If you prefer manual registration, or encountered issues during the above registration process, please click here

Manual Registration (http://www.lingeasy.com/web/caaen/manual_registration)>

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