NACSA Co-host: 2011 Silicon-Valley LED Lighting Summit – Opportunity and Challenges

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LED Lighting

The energy inefficient, 100-year-old incandescent light bulbs are phasing out dramatically.  The more stringent set on the energy-efficiency will require the more innovative technology for lighting at the entire industry. All those have been certainly boosted the market for LED lighting products and business. As an emerging industry, LED lighting provides the great business opportunities for LED enterprises. In Silicon-valley, the center place of innovation, many companies have been started and been successfully grown fast in the different area of LED market, such as LedEngin (LED package), InteMatix(Phosphor ), iWatt( LED driver IC), Bridgelux ( LED chips) and more.

Jointly organized by NACSA and CAISS, the “2011 Silicon-valley LED lighting Technical Summit” enables face-face discussions with the pioneer of LED industry and helps to explore the market opportunities and technology breakthrough including LED Chips, packages and thermal, Optic  , Phosphor and driver.

The Summit is in the form of round-table discussion. Seats are limited. NACSA and CAISS welcome those who are serious about learning and starting business in LED industry.

Distinguished Panel List

  • Richard Wimmer, CEO & Founder, Lellan, Inc
    Professional Lighting Application
  • Xiantao Yan, CTO and founder, LedEngin
    LED optics, package and thermal
  • Yiqun Li, CTO and founder, Intematix
  • Jerry Zheng, VP of Technical Marketing, iWatt inc
    LED driver
  • Allen Lu, PhD., President, SEMI China
    Overview of LED industry in China


Hot Topics

1)      Challenges and opportunities: where they are?  How should we focus on to get something started?

2)      How to make affordable LED lamp at home? The current LED lamps are very expensive. Can they be reduced by 10X? What will drive the reduction?

3)      Market opportunity: A look at the lighting landscape in China; is it too late?

4)      Puzzled problems on the lighting design, light measurement and standards


Co-host:       CAISS and NACSA
Date:             Saturday, April 23, 2011, 2:00PM-5:00PM
Venue:         Parcific Rim Conference Room
Western Digital Corporation
1710 Automation Parkway
San Jose, CA 95131

Cost:                Free

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