NACSA Proudly Presents: Zhenjiang in Silicon Valley 2009

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NACSA Proudly Presents: Zhenjiang in Silicon Valley 2009

Rich in historical and cultural heritage with an area covering 3847 kilometers, Zhenjiang 镇江( is a rapidly growing city in the southwest of the Jiangsu province along the Yangzi River. Blessed with a highly educated workforce from a population of 2.69 Millions and an abundance of nature resources along with a convenient transportation system between Shanghai and Nanjing, Zhenjiang has enjoyed rapid economic growths in the last decade. For decades, Zhenjiang has been envious of Silicon Valley for its superb technologies, huge talent pool, and dynamic business environment. Headed by the city CCCP Secretary Xu Jinrong, Zhenjiang municipal government delegation will be visiting Silicon Valley in an effort to duplicate Silicon Valley’s success.

NACSA cordially invites members and friends, especially who are interested in learning about unique policies and opportunities in Zhenjiang, to join this special event. Participants will have a chance to have direct dialog with Zhenjiang high level delegation.
A special face-to-face meeting with the delegation can be arranged for participants who are interested in discussing business start up opportunities. Please send a brief outline of the business proposal to in confidence.

Time: 6:30-9:00pm, April 21, 2009
6:30-7:00pm: registration and cocktail reception (with appetizers)

Venue: Santa Clara Convention Center (Google Map), Great American Ballroom 1

RSVP: Seating is limited, RSVP (RSVP closed due to reaching seating limit) is required.


Delegation members:
许津荣(女)Xu Jinrong-镇江市委书记、
罗洪明Luo Hongming-镇江经济开发区管委会主任、
薛  峰Xue Feng-镇江市外办主任、
秦双林Qin Shuanglin-镇江市人事局局长、
王荣正Wang Rongzheng-镇江市财政局局长、
柏晓宏Bo Xiaohong-镇江市科技局局长、
杨菊兰(女)Yang Julan-镇江经济开发区高创中心主任、
宋  捷Song Jie-镇江经济开发区高创中心副主任、
尹  坚(女)Yin Jian-镇江经济开发区招商三局副局长>

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