The Success of NACSA 2008 Annual Conference

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NACSA's 2008 annual conference “Green Energy – A Global Perspective” attracted a large crowd (totaling over 400) on Oct. 4th at the Fairmont Hotel San Jose. The full-day conference was a huge success – a sign that NACSA is expanding globally and growing beyond the traditional semiconductor industry.

A list of distinguished speakers from around the world presented at the conference including those from US, China, India, Taiwan, and South America with diverse backgrounds ranging from policy makers, utilities, investors, entrepreneurs, multibillion enterprises, and universities.

Whatever their goals – seeking opportunities in next wave of innovation, career opportunity, entrepreneurship, and investment, attendees found the conference very informative and full of networking opportunities. The conference offered a comprehensive look at the current state in green energy, a field destined to create far-reaching impacts across the world in the coming decades. The conference also attracted many new members, some coming all the way from Los Angeles and Portland. The conference also enjoyed a broad media coverage including newspaper reports, radio interviews, and evening TV news.

The annual conference is also a place for NACSA's annual summary report.
2007-2008 has been a very fruitful year for NACSA. We had organized many great events for our members, including the mega success of the China trip, local hosting of high profile delegations from China, well-attended seminar series on entrepreneurship, opportunities in China, and green energy. Due to these successes, NACSA has experienced a large increase in both membership and sponsorship. In addition, NACSA is increasingly viewed as a valuable source of talents for companies and organizations seeking highly skilled professional, thanks in no small part to the support of the members, volunteers, and sponsors.>

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