NACSA Seminar Summary: Combating Economic Downturn: Opportunities in Greentech Industry and the Thriving China Market

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NACSA Seminar Summary

Under the worst economic crisis ever since the Great Depression, NACSA held a timely seminar to help members better understand and find career opportunities in the greentech industry and in China. With a fitting title of “Combating Economic Downturn: Opportunities in Greentech Industry and the Thriving China Market”, the seminar was held on 5/3/2009 at the Orrick Law Firm in Menlo Park, CA.

Despite being the most impacted during this downturn, semiconductor industry is expected to play the same critical role in the greentech economy of tomorrow as it has in the information economy of today. As key components in the so-called smart grid and smart appliances, semiconductors specifically are widely expected to help producers to harness alternative energy sources more effectively, grid operators to distribute them more intelligently, and end customers to consume them more efficiently.

The keynote speakers assembled for the seminar are top-notched experts in smart grid and power management technology, solar semiconductors, and China-US relations in the areas of science and technology. Ms. Holly Zhang, NACSA’s VP of marketing, kicked off the seminar with an introduction of NACSA’s signature event, China trip 2009.

The first presentation was given by Mr. Eric Daniels, VP of technology in BP Solar. Mr. Daniels demonstrated various means of green energy generation and highlighted current developments and challenges in solar technology. In the second presentation, Ms. Jane Wu, president of eVillage Solar, presented her vision of solar energy for the next decade. She made the case for the increasing demands of green energy and the rapid growth of photovoltaic industry. In the third presentation, Mr. Mark Bramfitt, Principal PM of PG&E, described how Smart Grid technology works as well as the commitments of PG&E as a leader in utility industry. Last but not least, Mr. Jianlong Don, Consul of Consulate General of PRC in SF, gave the last presentation. He explained China’s strategy of re-igniting the Chinese economy and growth engine and the important role of science and technology in the aftermath of the present financial crisis.

The presentations were well received by NACSA’s members as well as outside attendees. Totaling 130 strong overflowing the conference room, the audience showed a great deal of interest in the presented topics, particularly the role semiconductors will play in smart-grid technology. The speakers received so many questions that the MC had to stop some of them to keep the time. After the seminar, many people from the audience stayed in discussing with the speakers and exchanged ideas with each other. Lots of people also showed interest in the China trip, requesting details for the business proposal and time and itinerary of the trip.

Slides of the presentations may be obtained at the following URLs:
1.Solar Energy: A Strategic Industry for Next Decade
Presentation Material

2.Utility Engagements in High Tech: From Data Centers to Smart Grid
Presentation Material

3.International financial crisis: an opportunity for enhanced Sci & Tech cooperation between China and the United States
Presentation Material

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