NACSA China Trip Reminder: Business Plan Submission Deadline Is Closing

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Deadline for BP submission for this year China Trip is Aug. 31. Please submit yours as early as possible to allow NACSA’s China Trip Committee (CTC) to review your business plan and provide feedback.

Here are the major milestones:

1. Sept 5: Notification will be sent to the selected delegation candidates. The CTC will call one or more meetings to finalize the trip logistics: signing legal forms, perfecting your BP and presentation, etc.
2. Sept. 10: $500 deposit payable to NACSA.
3. Sept. 15: Travel plans and itinerary finalized.
4. Oct. 11~ Oct. 25: Targeted China Trip (details see below).

Who Should Apply?

– Entrepreneurs, investors, executives, and professionals who are looking for opportunities for startup, joint venture, and outsourcing in high-tech related fields, especially semiconductor IC, IT, and cleantech.

– Top talents in the areas of tech, finance, marketing, sales, and accounting who are interested in exploring executive-level (i.e., VP level or above) career opportunities in China

Trip Agenda

– Visit high tech parks and companies
– Meet company executives and high-level government officials
– Understand the local markets
– Explore business opportunities
– Build networks, business or otherwise.
– Attend IC-China 2009 conference

Trip Itinerary

The following cities are currently targeted for this year’s China Trip:

Oct. 11-13: Beijing, Tianjin
Oct. 14-17: Sichuan (Chengdu, Chongqing)
Oct. 18-25: Shanghai and Yangtze Delta (Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhengjiang, Hangzhou, Jiangying, etc.).

In addition, we will be attending the IC China conference as well as visiting high-tech zones, local governments, large/small companies, VC's, etc.

In addition, NACSA will provide the following activities:

– Coaching for Wuxi's 530 plan, Zhenjiang's 331 plan, and other local government sponsored funding plans for startup.
– Review sessions of your BP plan by VC in silicon valley, Shanghai, and Beijing
– Coaching sessions from various Hi-Tech parks.

As in years past, NACSA is working hard to make the China trip as effective and efficient as possible for both the delegates and our hosts/sponsors in China. For details, please contact

For more information, please click here.

Business Plan Template in English

Business Plan Template in Chinese

2008 China Trip Details:

Last year’s China trip covered industrial parks in nine cities including Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou Xiaoshan, Huzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, and Tianjing. In each place, delegates met face to face with senior officials from local government and industrial park, VC, and oversea returnees; and presented their business proposals. Local hosts also introduced their respective industrial parks, future plans, and available benefits/fundings (e.g., 530 and 863 projects).

Feedback from last year’s China Trip:

All delegation members were extremely satisfied. Here are some of their feedbacks.

– “This trip is way beyond expectation.” (from most delegates)

– “绝对大大物超所值 , I am so glad I came.”

– “I truly enjoyed the trip. Many thanks to NACSA's organizers for
all their efforts to make this trip a successful one. In particular I'd like to express gratitude to those NACSA organizers who didn't join us on the trip but spent months preparing for it.”

– “Thanks everyone's hard work of making this wonderful trip happen.
This is an eye opening trip and I learned a lot from it and every group member. It is really my pleasure and honor to be part of it.”

– “NACSA board members must have done huge amount of work to make this possible.”

– “To put it fairly, this trip exceeded my expectation overall with my sincere thanks!

No one could argue that the trip itinerary is rather detailed. This showed organizers' dedication and excellent home work for preparing the trip. Very good communication efforts throughout the trip were made by our team leaders to help us anticipate the upcoming events from one destination to the next. Let's not forget that confirming the schedules with the next stops during the trip could be tedious and time consuming, it took a strong sense of responsibilities to get loop-closed in the background and in a timely fashion.

This quick-paced trip schedule suit me well given that I have wanted to visit as many places as possible and yet with very limited amount of time. For me, it is of particularly valuable to have a first-hand opportunity meet with many of local officials and then be able to come to my own assessment.

Most importantly, I enjoyed the companionship from everyone in the team during the trip. In my career, like some of you, I have logged numerous business-trip miles. Often it gets tiresome during the trip. But for this China trip, with a group of highly motivated and compatible companions, I kept myself upbeat until the moment landed in SFO. I had a very good time.”

– “The trip exceeded my expectation in every aspect. I highly recommend it to anyone I know. It's very well organized. All the leaders showed great leadership during the trip, especially in time of difficulties.

It's hard to measure tangible results in such short time. I believe in a few years, many of us will look back and recognize the influence from this trip.”>

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