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NACSA 2011 China Trip Summary (5/8-5/15)

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NACSA proudly announce its 2011 China Entrepreneur Delegation (5/08-5/15) had completed with another great success. Accompanied by NACSA board members, the eight participating entrepreneurs have toured 9 cities across Yangtze Delta (Shanghai Zhangjiang, Taicang, Jiaxing, Suzhou, ZhangJiaGang, Wuxi, Zhengjiang, Nanjing, and Jiangning). The China Delegation Trip was warmly welcomed and greeted by the top level city leaders with an abundance of first-hand information about current government support initiatives, favorable investment climate, and industry outlook in China. Intensive meetings from groups to one-on-ones were arranged for delegates to present their business proposals and discuss with the decision-making local officials , VCs and angle funds so that they have developed better understanding of local business culture.

NACSA carefully selected high-tech professionals with high quality business project proposals and entrepreneurial drive in US to form a delegation. The itinerary was tailed to serve the participants’ business interests by visiting right place and meeting right people. The fast-paced trips were gracefully coordinated to give the participants the best exposure, as well as to encourage the active communications to build up valuable relationship for securing future funding and benefiting from each other in the context of a thriving Chinese economy.

NACSA 2011 China Entrepreneur Delegation has been highly regarded as one of the key events to promote high-tech exchange between Silicon Valley and various New Economic Development Zones in China, aiming at fostering new technology innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • “This trip is well beyond my expectations.”
  • “It is impossible to cover so many cities and to reach such high level local officials without carefully planning by NACSA.”
  • “This trip exceeded my expectation overall with my sincere thanks! The trip itinerary is rather detailed. This showed organizers’ dedication and excellent home work for preparing the trip. Very good communication efforts throughout the trip were made by our team leaders to help us anticipating the upcoming events from one destination to the next.”
  • “The trip exceeded my expectation in every aspect. I highly recommend it to anyone I know. It’s very well organized. It’s hard to measure tangible results in such short time. I believe in a few years, many of us will look back and recognize the influence from this trip.”

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