Combating Economic Downturn: Opportunities in Greentech Industry and the Thriving China Market

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The Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) has recently predicted that semiconductors will power the Greentech economy of tomorrow much as they have the Information economy. Destined to play a pivotal role, semiconductors allow people “to harness alternative energy sources more effectively, distribute them more efficiently and intelligently, and consume them in the most efficient manner.” Despite the current economic downturn, many high-tech professionals and entrepreneurs see opportunities aplenty in the semiconductor-powered Greentech industry as well as in the ever-thriving China Market.

NACSA's members and friends are cordially invited to participate in this special event. A distinguished panel of experts will be sharing their knowledge/experiences and highlighting the opportunities in these areas.

Date: Sunday, May 3rd, 2009
Venue: Orrick Global Law Firm
Address: 1000 Marsh Road, Menlo Park, CA (Google Map)
Cost: Free
RSVP: Seats are limited. Please RSVP online.
1:00pm – 1:15pm

1:15pm – 1:30pm
NACSA 2009 China Trip Introduction

1:30pm – 2:10pm
“Green Technologies: Challenges and New Developments”
Eric Daniel, VP of Technology, BP Solar

2:10pm – 2:50pm
“Solar Semiconductor: Technology and Market”
Jane Wu, President, eVillage Solar
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2:50pm – 3:30pm
“Utility Engagements in High Tech: From Data Centers to Smart Grid”
Mark Bramfitt, Principal PM, PG&E
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3:30pm – 4:10pm
“International Finance Crisis: Opportunity of Sino-US corporation in Science and Technology”
Jianlong Dong, Consul, Consulate General of PRC in SF
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4:10pm – 4:30pm
NACSA China Trip Q & A

About the Speakers:

Eric Daniel, VP of Technology, BP Solar

As VP of technology at BP Solar, Mr. Daniel is responsible for the development of alternative sources of silicon, optimized and next-generation casting and wafering, cell, module, and systems technology. In partnership with universities around the world, these programs are supported by the US Department of Energy’s Solar America Initiative and various EU technology support initiatives. Mr. Daniel has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing and commercial roles. He began his solar career working on the development of low-cost solar cell technology for Solarex Corporation. The success of this work led to the start up and management of production lines in Maryland and Europe.

Previous to his current role, Mr. Daniel served as VP of Component Sales for BP Solar, responsible for merging and building global distribution sales following the merger of BP Solar and Solarex. Before joining BP Solar, Mr. Daniel worked for Siemens Solar and was responsible for marketing, utility sales, and product development/management. In addition, as Vice President for Strategic Marketing and Technology with IPC Westinghouse, he was responsible for the commercialization of solar, wind, diesel hybrid power supplies for rural electrification, oil & gas industries, communications, telemetry, security, defense, residential and utility power markets.

Jane Wu, President, eVillage Solar

Ms. Wu is the President of eVillage Solar, a clean energy system integration company. Her main responsibilities include formulating market penetration strategy, branding products, improving operational efficiency, and creating new business models with both upstream and downstream partners. She is also a partner of Index Capital responsible for GreenTech and IT investment.

Trained as a physicist, Ms. Wu has 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, venture investment, research, business/technology development in semiconductor and solar sector. Before joining eVillage Solar, Ms. Wu served as Corporate Officer, VP of Business Development for JA Solar, responsible for forging global strategic alliances, establishing corporate marketing and supplier chain management function, and directing technology development as well as licensing business. She is also responsible for US operation and R&D center. Prior to JA Solar, Ms. Wu served 11 years at Applied Materials, where she had various technical and managerial roles from technology development, field engineering support, business management, and corporate strategy. Ms. Wu also worked 4 years at Rockwell Semiconductor on device process engineering for space wireless communication applications. In addition, Ms. Wu co-founded CiWest Corporation, which was acquired by a major semiconductor foundry.

Mark Bramfitt, Principal PM, PG&E

Mr. Bramfitt is the principal program manager in PG&E leading the company’s energy efficiency program. His team supports customers in the Silicon Valley and throughout northern California, providing a utility industry-leading program portfolio for data centers and information technology infrastructure, including training and education, technical support, and financial incentives and rebates. From 2006 through 2008, these programs delivered over 12 megawatts of peak energy demand reduction, with a program budget of over $21 million.

Mark also leads the Utility IT Energy Efficiency Coalition, promoting the adoption of PG&E’s program and service models by over thirty utilities throughout North America. A professionally-licensed mechanical engineer, Mark has worked in a variety of technical and management positions at PG&E in his twenty-year-plus career, primarily in the energy-efficiency, account services, and corporate communications areas.

Mark is politically active in the Sonoma Valley, serving as an elected Director of the Valley of the Moon Water District, the chair of the Sonoma Valley Groundwater Basin Advisory Panel, and on several other community boards.

Jianlong Dong, Sci-Tech Consul, China

Mr. Dong is Sci-Tech consul in Consulate General of China in San Francisco and the president of Chinese Oversea Talented Resource Development Foundation. He was a counselor of international collaboration in Department of Science of China. In the past 20 years, he has devoted himself to helping high-tech leaders, projects and venture capitals to identify, promote, and commercialize prospective business projects.


Founded in 1996 in the Silicon Valley, North America Chinese Semiconductor Association (NACSA) is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of exchange and collaboration among Chinese professionals in semiconductor and related high-tech industries.

Riding the tide of globalization, the community of Chinese engineers and entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and China has enjoyed a tremendous growth in recent years. Through event hosting, networking, and information sharing, NACSA has been instrumental in helping build a vibrant high-tech professional community serving the needs of these professionals. NACSA, with its 4000 strong members, is currently one of the largest and most active Chinese professional organizations in the US. NACSA members come from diverse fields in semiconductor and other high-tech related industries, including makers of optional devices, semiconductor chips, and PCs; system manufacturers; equipment manufacturers; design house; software; etc.

Committed to sharing information and resources and serving as a bridge between the US and China high-tech communities, NACSA’s mission is to strengthen networking among professionals, foster entrepreneurship in ethnic Chinese, and promote the exchange in the semiconductor and related high-tech industries. At NACSA, we believe in learning by doing and contributing before receiving.

Past NACSA seminar speakers include prominent CEOs, senior executives, and entrepreneurs from such well-known companies as Intel, Applied Materials, Cadence, MIPS Technology, Spreadtrum, UMC, TSMC, Go2Silicon, ViMicro, Broadcom Inc., Cypress Semiconductor, Keysi International, SH Zhangjiang, HK Science & Technology Parks, Goldman Sachs, and many others. NACSA seminars are well received and well attended with an average audience size of 300. Besides seminars and discussion forums, NACSA also hosts Spring/Summer picnic and forms special task teams. Each year, NACSA organizes delegations to China and hosts meetings with visiting high-tech delegations from China.

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