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NACSA China Trip Announcement

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Building upon the successes in the past, we are excited to announce that NACSA 2010 China Trip is coming. The delegation will visit major technology development centers, first-tier corporations as well as leading research and academic institutions in China. Those carefully selected cities and organizations have long good relationship with NACSA, which ensures high quality business plans will get preferred recommendations and the funding process could be expedited. As a great way to build up business and personal relationships, participants will have wonderful opportunities to carry on direct dialogues with high-ranking government officials, corporate executives, and potential venture investors in China.


• Exchange information first-hand on industry standards, local market trends, and government policies.
• Learn how to secure funding and assistance from local governments.
• Have direct dialogues with high-level business executives and government officials in China on career, business, and investment opportunities.
• Find out how entrepreneurs and executives live and work in China.
• Build long-term relationships with other members in the delegation.

When and Where (Tentative):

The following cities will be targeted for this year’s China Trip:

Dec. 14-20: Shanghai and Yangtze Delta (Suzhou, Wuxi, Zhengjiang, etc.).
Dec. 21-23: Beijing, Tianjin
Dec. 28-30: Members will have the option to attend 广州留交会 after spending Christmas in China

Who Should Apply?

I. High-tech/Green-tech/Auto industry executives/entrepreneurs/professionals who:
• Have genuine interest or business needs to undertake China-related projects
• Are currently seeking market expansion opportunities or tapping into the vast resources in China for growth.
• Are looking for funding for startups, product development, or business initiatives.
• Want simply to learn the various aspects of starting/running a business in China, from local government policy and industry trends to quality of life.

II. Top talents in the areas of high-tech/Green-tech/automotive, finance, marketing, sales,
and accounting who are interested in exploring executive-level (i.e., VP level or above)
career opportunities in China.


• Applicants must have at least a Master’s degree and/or ten years of working experience in the relevant industries. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis depending on the merits of the business plans.
• Speak English and/or Chinese.
• Be able to obtain a visa to enter China and return to the US.
• Responsible for arrangement/payment of the international roundtrip airfares and personal spending in China. NACSA will arrange with the hosting cities to help defray the cost incurred in China whenever possible.


If you are interested, please complete the online registration form by 10/8/2010. You will be informed on what to do as the next step. Those who are seeking for business opportunities will be required to submit a two-page executive summary of your business plan along with a Bio, both in English and Chinese (templates will be provided).

As always, NACSA is working hard to make this trip another great success, and we hope you are as excited as we are. There is much more to come as the trip details are finalizing, so be sure to check www.nacsa.com to stay on top of the event. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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