9/26/2010: Taicang Port Development Zone Business Dinner

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A delegation from Taicang city and the port development zone led by vice-mayor Mr. 邱震德 will introduce their culture-rich city, present the latest developments and ”522” Talent Project. They welcome to the meeting with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and professionals, especially in the clean energy (photovoltaic-solar and wind power), new material, biopharmaceutical and chemical pharmaceutical, and photo-electricity (including LED, TFT-LCD supporting components) industries.

City Taicang got its name from “Emperor’s Granary” 2400 years ago, honored as “Golden Taicang in Silk Southeast China”. As a city subordinate to Suzhou, Taicang is the only one city facing the Yangtze River while bordering Shanghai in Jiangsu Province. Taicang Port has been an important port, from where Zheng He, the great navigator of the Ming Dynasty, started his famous sea voyages seven times and reached over 30 countries and regions as far as Africa.

Co-host: NACSA

Date: Sunday, 9/26/2010
Location: A Chinese Restaurant in Cupertino
RSVP: RSVP was closed due to the full capacity has been reached.


6:10 – 6:30 PM: Registration and Reception
6:30 – 7:20 PM: Presentations
* 太仓港港口开发区的总体情况
* 太仓市“522人才工程”计划
* 太仓港港口开发区与NACSA签订合作框架协议
* 现场提问
7:20-8:20 PM: Dinner
8:20-9:00 PM: Open Discussions

Delegation Members:

邱震德, 太仓市副市长、太仓港港口开发区管理委员会主任
赵建初, 太仓市发展和改革委员会主任
丰 华, 太仓港港口开发区招商局局长
宋志勤, 太仓港港口开发区招商局副局长


Admission is free, but online RSVP is required. Seating is limited to 25. It is on first-come first-serve base for guests in the relevant fields. Confirmation will be given before the event.>

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